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Family Health CARE- our history:

Family Health Care began with the mission of providing health care for the poor. We chose to triage the most pressing health concerns and have focused on caring for those who have the least options- people with HIV and other serious illnesses, uninsured pregnant women and other needy populations. FHC located in the Eastern side of Wyandotte County, Kansas because of the concentration of poverty and health needs in this area.



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More about our wrap-around services: 
Family Health Care serves people in our community with special needs or who have difficulty accessing direct health care.
  • FHC patients often have no insurance coverage, or they may have very limited insurance that does not cover out-patient care regardless of how extensive it may be. In situations which require significant resources (management of severe chronic illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis or cancers) they are often left out. Family Health Care serves those without insurance with a sliding scale.

  • Some FHC patients have mental health issues, retardation or damage from head injuries and require assistance navigating the health system due to cognitive deficits. Family Health Care provides additional assistance to help patients get the medications and other supports they need. Simple supports such as having a live answering service rather than a complicated phone tree makes the difference in access for some people.

  • Those who cannot read well are often left out because they cannot do simple things like following instructions on a medicine bottle. Family Health Care has a culture of supporting those who don't read well. Staff from the front desk through the medical assistants have been trained to recognize and help when patients are not able to read. FHC provides assessment, referrals and individual tutoring to support reading improvement and we go a step further to assist adults to acquire their GED or high school diploma in order to improve their lives.

  • A number of patients FHC serves identify as gay, lesbian, or transgendered and may have experienced medical services with prejudice which is often uncomfortable and can put them at risk for delayed or missed diagnoses. Family Health Care staff are chosen for their abilities and sensitivities to the needs of patients.