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CDC, FDA guidelines:



What to do if you feel sick...

Qué hacer si está enfermo...



Most people do ok with COVID, although we know some (of all ages) become very ill and may even die. There are also long term effects we do not fully understand which may include nervous system changes that are sometimes very severe. (There have been reports of a Parkinson's type syndrome or even paralysis in some people.) WE do not know all the effects this new virus may have and therefore catching the virus purposefully is not suggested.

In the mid-twentieth century families thought it was a good idea to have children infected with the Chicken Pox but did not know that fifty or more years later, Shingles would be a problem. Polio caused some long-term progressive paralytic effects decades later.


That is why we ask that you stay in if you are ill so as not to spread the disease to people who may have a worse problem than you have with COVID. Generally you may treat the symptoms as you treat cold symptoms with over the counter remedies.


If you are Short of Breath...

Please call before you go to the ER.




If your symptoms are severe with shortness of breath or chest pain. Please call the emergency room nearest to you.



Si sus síntomas son severos con falta de aliento o dolor en el pecho. Por favor llame a la sala de emergencias más cercana a usted.


List of Hospital emergency rooms


KU Hospital


North KC Hospital


Olathe Medical Center


Overland Park Regional


Providence Medical Center


Research Medical Center


St. Joseph Hospital


St. Luke's Hospital


Truman Hospital Hill


Truman Lakewood




# 1. Check your temperature.

Our bodies react to some illnesses by raising our internal temperature. Slightly increased temperature is not considered a fever and actually helps us fight off some cold viruses, etc. Higher temperatures >100.8 are often our body's first response to even a mild infection, but if it is very high (>101) or persistent (more than 24 hrs), a fever can indicate a more serious infection such as the flu, or in today's world, COVID-19. 



# 2. If you have other symptoms, call your primary care provider.

A cough is another Corona virus symptom, which is also a symptom of a cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc. Please call before you go to see your doctor.


 If your doctor does not want to see you, please call Family Health Care at 913-722-3100. We provide outpatient care for people with COVID or other illnesses.



# 3. Protect yourself and others with good hand washing. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow, etc.




Important Information (WARNING) on Hand Sanitizers-

Effective and Safe hand sanitizers have isopropyl or ethyl alcohol NOT methanol (wood alcohol). METHANOL can be deadly, especially if used by young children or if people ingest this substitute ingredient in some hand sanitizers.

Be safe- DO NOT use those products with methanol due to toxicity.

Check your hand sanitizer against the FDA recall list (over 135 products) which is updated daily:


Danger- some hand sanitizers (with methanol contamination) are unsafe. FDA List here.


Convalescent Plasma

The President announced on 8.23.2020 that a “new” treatment of COVID was authorized by the FDA.

New? When did we actually start using “Convalescent Plasma” (blood plasma from people who have recovered from an illness) to treat patients with severe COVID?

Since March medical providers have been using this treatment fairly routinely in hospitals across the U.S. including here in K.C. Family Health Care has encouraged people who recovered from COVID to provide the plasma through the community blood bank here in KC since April. 

Safe? The use of plasma from people who recovered from an illness is not new. Plasma has been used since 1907 to prevent or treat other diseases, therefore it was known it could be done safely. With so many people dying, medical professionals began using plasma early in the pandemic to try to save lives.

 Works? We still do not know. Nearly 80,000 Americans have been given the treatment (as allowed by the FDA). No one was given a placebo. There are still questions about the actual helpfulness or effectiveness of the treatment. Now the FDA has publicized they are now "authorizing" it as a promising treatment, not a proven effective treatment.


Cleansing products - DO NOT USE INSIDE your body. Lysol, Bleach, Rubbing Alcohol etc. are not safe to drink. These products are useful for disinfecting on surfaces, not inside your body (despite what anyone may say).

Kansas had a 50% increase in poison center calls regarding the oral intake of disinfectant agents in the month after this suggestion was verbalized by Mr. Trump. It can be deadly to drink cleaning agents.


Hydroxychloroquine has not been shown to be useful and may cause the development of a heart arrythmia or your heart may stop altogether, expecially if you are also taking azithromycin.
Azithromycin has also not been shown to be effective, although it may help with some of the secondary possible bacterial pneumonias.
Remdisivir is an anitviral medicine that has shown some activity when used early enough in severe cases of COVID.
Dexamethasone is a steroid that has shown some activity when used at the right time. When used too early it may cause worsening of symptom.

None of these medicines should be used except by knowledgeable providers.