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FHC places a premium on outreach to others- to refugees, to vulnerable people. Recall how important immigration and visitors have been to our nation. In the 1960's President Kennedy recognized the importance of using our valuable educational resources to develop ambassadors to the world:  


“I believe that if we meet our responsibilities, if we extend the hand of friendship, if we live up to the ideals of our own revolution, then the course of other revolutions will be towards democracy and freedom….We hope that when you go back as future leaders of your country, as their investment in the future- you will regard this great effort (of the U.S.) to advance the welfare of your country…we hope that you will think well of this country (the U.S.)…We hope you will be our ambassadors to the people of your country.”


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Study shows poverty reduces life expectancy by years...


How Many Must Die?


What is it going to take before the foolish folks who support all guns at all costs learn that assault weapons do not belong on our streets?


The first law passed in Dodge City when it became an municipality was to disallow carrying concealed weapons. The photo taken in 1879 shows the carrying of firearms was “Strictly Prohibited”


More than a hundred years later, stupidity takes over and we will continue to have more deaths in these terrible mass situations until we protect ourselves by making assault weapons ILLEGAL.


I was the victim of a shooting a few years ago and recently had my life threatened by a mentally ill man who was supposedly trained as a military sniper. This is written to ask that you please vote to help keep assault weapons and munitions from dangerous people. Please vote to require the criminal background checks before purchase of guns. I ask that you close the loopholes in federal law that allow felons, people with restraining orders, people who are dangerously mentally ill and people suspected of terrorism (and on the no-fly list) access to weapons that can kill dozens of people in just a few moments.

There is no way killings by these people can be stopped simply by more guns in the hands of “good guys”. Even if I learned to use a gun, I could not shoot my way out of danger from a sniper on a hill more than 800 yards from me. And years ago while I was on duty at the KU emergency room and a mentally ill man came in and without a word started killing with a shot gun, it is almost unimaginable how many he would have murdered with a rapid-fire semi-automatic gun. (Most likely, I would have been among the dead.)

My safety and the safety of uncounted others, will be more secure if only my stalker and others with mental illness, such as the man who shot at me in the spring of 1981 are stopped from legal ownership of assault weapons that allow the murder of dozens in just a few moments.


I ask that you ask your legislators (Senators and Representatives) to PLEASE vote with your head and your heart. Vote in favor of the innocents that are slaughtered far too often by people who should never have these weapons in their possession.


Bills have been proposed will close the various loopholes and will save lives. Encourage them to vote to protect me, safeguard children such as those who were killed at Sandy Hook, and so many who would otherwise be at risk in the years to come is vitally important.





Donors believe there is no need for low-cost care following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act...donations are down by 20% and patient need (especially in states that did not expand Medicaid) has risen by 40%. (Wall Street Journal)

Click here for the information on Kansas' possible expansion of Medicaid to cover more poor and uninsured adults.

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Family Health Care on You Tube- Diversity. FHC-dedicated to providing health care services for the uninsured poor in Greater Kansas City and especially Wyandotte County, Kansas


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Active Shooter- Safety Video. The Department of Homeland Security offers some tips that might help you survive a shooting

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