Quindaro- Family Health CARE 

Quindaro Boulevard Family Health CARE.

Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM.
Scheduling is through Family Health CARE at 913-722-3100. 

See KCUR's announcement of the re-opening of the Quindaro Family Health Care by clicking here.


Quindaro ...
Quindaro is a street in Kansas City, Kansas, a street in a neighborhood which is as down in the heels as any neighborhood in the country. The Quindaro area has a higher proportion of deserted houses and lots with homes razed and owned by the County than any other neighborhood in the Kansas City area. Many of the remaining occupied homes are cited by the county and awaiting demolition. Some of the residents live in their cars because the houses have been condemned. Not unexpectedly, other statistics are dismal. High crime, low educational levels, lack of resources, and serious untended medical problems plague the families in the area.  This area is home to the largest public housing project in Kansas, Juniper Gardens.
The demographics of the area zip codes are harsher than even the rest of Wyandotte County. The issues of poverty and associated poor health are amplified in the area which is listed as an extreme poverty tract with more than 50% of the population living below the poverty level and almost a quarter (24%) of the residents with incomes less than half of the federal poverty level (more than 3 times the rest of the State). In the Northeast about 53% of the adults have not graduated from high school compared to 22% Countywide. The median income of most of the census blocks in the area is less than $20,000 compared to more than twice that West of the 635 highway. The Northeast area which is about 25 blocks North to South and 40 blocks East to West had no medical provider after the last clinic moved West of Interstate 635 in 2009. 
Family Health Care (FHC) began providing health services from the basement of Faith Lutheran Church at 530 Quindaro in the NE area of Kansas City, Kansas (zip code 66101) within a few weeks of the announcement of the Federally Qualified Health Center’s move out of the neighborhood. From the start of The Quindaro Family Health Care clinic (the Q) we recognized it was going to be a challenge. The nearest drug store is many blocks away, buses do not run into the neighborhood, a regular grocery store is almost an hour away by bus and the area was bereft of health services when even the federally supported health center moved more than 60 blocks west from the low-income housing site.

Family Health Care stepped forward to create answers to these needs. Collaborating with Faith Lutheran Church and local neighborhood associations, the Q opened in the basement of the church. FHC added handicapped access to the basement, refurbished and began seeing patients in June, 2009.




Located in the lower level of Faith Lutheran Church at 530 Quindaro Boulevard, Family Health Care is wheel-chair accessible from the west parking lot.

In late 2013 Quindaro Boulevard Family Health Care clinical site was closed. The clinic had invested more than a quarter-million dollars in the building and surrounds and had been operating a clinic and a small grocery. Due to late opposition to the grocery from one individual with a house across from the church and who was also a county council member (disregarding her constiuents- > 300 of whom signed a petition in favor of the grocery); and due to the clinic's loss of a health care provider (a nurse practitioner who moved to Denver); the "Q" - Quindaro Family Health Care closed. The goal was to re-open the clinic when possible. For some time the clinic has stood quietly waiting, spotless and with equipment at the ready. And now, FHC has enough providers to re-open the Q.
Since fall of 2017, the Q Clinic is again open. Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Scheduling is through Family Health CARE at 913-722-3100. 


Quindaro Family Health Care